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RE:RE:Should dangerous dogs be banned in NZ?
Posted by Lee - 19/Sep/2007
Good point. Sometimes money doesn't always solve these problems. Perhaps owners with a "dangerous dog" need to acquire a license to have such a dog. This license could be provided after proper training and regular inspections of the property the dog resides at. That way they are getting someting for a fee. When it comes down to it, responsiblity, common sense and respect go a long way.

On your point of animal control, yeah, there is a lot more they could be doing than just issuing fines. Fining someone with an unregistered dog isn't going to solve a lot of problems. Education and training could mean a lot less unregistered and roaming dogs in a lot of areas. Still, that goes for a lot things in this world.

      Posted by Mouse - 27/May/2007  

      Posted by Sue - 30/May/2007  

      Posted by Ashie - 28/Oct/2007  

      Posted by malamute - 19/Sep/2007  

      Posted by Lee - 19/Sep/2007  

      Posted by iiq374 - 14/Jun/2008  

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